Our Company

Capella Human Resources Consulting Eireli is a company that is already born at nine years of age. Our director, Fernando Monteiro Capella has over 20 years of experience in both management and Human Resources direction at companies and consultancies, having worked since 2001 in the segment of Training and People Development, Coaching and Human Resources Consultancy, which is Capella RH’s specialty.

Situated at the center of São Paulo, at Paulista Avenue, Capella RH works with different clients in the fields of industry, services and civil construction.

> We focus on dynamics and on the development of activities for direct application in the work environment. Our goal is to make our activities practical so that the learning experience may allow students to apply the dynamics developed in class to their professional routine.

Our company believes that everyone has an inherent talent and many potentials and abilities to be developed, but they are not always synchronized to the abilities demanded by their workplace activities or to their development inside the company. By making people use their maximum talent and internal potential and perfectly align them to the behavioral and competence demands made by the organizations, it is possible for the professionals to attain their career goals quickly and for the companies to reach their expected goals.

The pleasure we get from working on the improvement and continuous transformation of people is our main tool. We adopt this philosophy to help our clients improve their productivity, results, as well as the performance of their collaborators. Our main motivation comes from the satisfaction we get from contributing to the improvement of the people we help and is what keeps guiding us towards new projects.


Our mission is to be a qualified human resources consulting company, prepared and focused on dynamism and on the identification of talents. We support the development of competences in order to allow everyone’s internal star shine to its fullest capacity, conciliating purposes, life goals and personal careers with the demands of the profession and the productivity expectations of their companies by guaranteeing better results..


Direct people towards change and transformation by utilizing techniques and methodology of internationally renowned authors and become a human resources company of national reference in forming, training, developing, coaching and transforming people towards excellence and involvement with the proposed activities and dynamics.

Values/ Pillars


Assume responsibility for one’s own feelings, actions and behavior. No one should be discriminated.


Continue acting voluntarily towards goals despite obstacles, difficulties or discouragement, in order to attain achievable goals.


Demonstrate feelings of duty towards coworkers, aiming not only at personal gain, but assuming the responsibility for improving the world in which we live.


Act as to establish strong positive feelings, commitment and even sacrifice for others.