Social Responsibility

With the concept of Social Responsibility and its importance to the modern world in mind, Capella RH has created the Capella University Coaching Program (PROCUCA) whose goal is to establish proximity with the academic community and bring practical knowledge to students beginning their career.

If you are on your senior college year, you are probably undergoing dozens of job interviews, group dynamics and tests in general, especially for trainee positions.

Because we know of the importance of successful results in this challenging period of a student’s life, Capella RH offers a 30 percent discount on the PROCUCA fees. With Capella RH you can learn how to present yourself on those situations and evaluations. Besides, would it not be worth it to check your potentials and natural talents, such as, for example, your leadership capacity and find out more about yourself through a behavioral self-evaluation?

So, what are you waiting for to become a successful professional? Click here and schedule a visit. .