When you establish a relationship of trust between you, the advised individual and the partner company, everything becomes easier: the application of techniques, the methodology, the work processes, everything flows.... This relationship of trust among all involved generates a synergy and a mutual exchange that strengthens the relation, and what is best, the results become evident!
Fernando Montero Capella

Has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with specialization in Business and Human Resources (HR) from the Department of Economics and Administration (FEA) at the University of São Paulo with a recognition of Academic Excellence : “Support of Operational Information for Management Decisions”.

Fernando Montero Capella has lectured Seminars on Business and Trainings in Latin America and in the United States; was an expositor at World Management Conventions and at CONARH-SP. He also participated on the training program at the Human Management Systems in Spain in 2008. He acts as an Executive, Leader and Team Coach and has represented the Escuela Europea of Coaching.

Has solid experience with the implementation of consulting projects in HR, diagnosis, company outsourcing and HR business processes, having worked on the management of projects of department structuring and of the redesigning of organizational structures.

Has also worked, during the last 20 years of his career on the planning and implementation of operational and strategic HR in companies such as Bimbo, Honeywell Group and Baxter Hospital supplies and provided consulting services to Ernst & Young, Seek (former Catho) and Human Management Systems. Contributes regularly with technical articles relating to the subject of Human Resources to the press, television and the Internet.