Coaching is a structured process of individualized support, conducted by a Coach to the person/client (Coachee) that aims at raising the level of performance of each individual, increasing positive results through the practical application of techniques, methodologies, tools and concepts. These tools are directed to people, students and professionals of different levels in order to enhance and develop abilities and improve his/her performance and quality of life. It is normally preceded by a diagnosis, a self-evaluation that serves as a starting point for a Plan of Action with our clients.

Indicated for those who intend to:

  • Maximize performance, since the person is good at what he or she does;
  • Develop natural talents;
  • Improve relationships;
  • Better manage time and learn how to use it with more quality;
  • Improve prosperity and financial independence;
  • Invest on career and business management;
  • Analyze and solve problems and make decisions;
  • Plan both personal and professional life.

The success of the Coaching process depends on the establishment of a real partnership between the Coach and the Coachee.