HR Consulting

Human Resources Consulting is a more personalized concept and is applied according to our clients’ demands. It relates to several types of Human Resources functions, such as Evaluation, Research Application, Diagnosis and other specific services related to some kind of project companies might want to promote.

The Consulting work process has techniques that are based on interviews, application of surveys and forms, tabulation of information which are very used, for instance, in projects such as those of Talents Detection/ Potential/Competences (that take place before the Action Plan step) or the implementation of Development Plans/Miscellaneous (that occur after the Diagnosis).

Consulting Projects can last on average anywhere from three to six months, including meetings and participation of all people involved or responsible for the project.

System of Positions and Salaries by Competencies Management

Its main goal is to match the company’s competencies expectations to the career development expectations of its employees. The final result of the implementation of such a system also contributes to the several companies sub-systems, from admission and hiring through the identification of the most appropriate profile for the company to the evaluation and promotion processes to be used in order to take advantage of the internal opportunities based on merit, according to the present level of development of competences. In a system of management by competencies, the promotion criteria and the company’s career evolution system become more objective and transparent, making more evident to the professionals and their managers the design of the individual Action Plans to be implemented, considering the development of those competencies required for professional growth.

This kind of work conducted by the Human Resources Consulting facilitates the identification and adaptation of the people to their functions and improves both the internal and external salary match, with valuation through a system of points and a market salary research in order to improve and adapt the company’s remuneration policy to the marketplace.

Leadership Development Project

The routines of people who work at leadership positions confirm the idea that the results depend on the transformation of resources through their work processes.

To be a leader in the present world means a lot more than just having a solid academic background and a technically qualified profile. In order to lead people, it is necessary to be able to look at each member of a group as part of the company’s asset and resource. It is for this reason we name this specific resource as “Human Resources”.

It is therefore common that technically oriented people, when promoted to leadership roles, end up facing difficulties with interpersonal relationship. Psychology calls this field of study as Emotional Intelligence and teaches us which aspects need to be worked on in order to improve it through difficulties faced by the leader when performing his functions.

When we conduct projects of Leadership Development, we direct the use of the client’s own strengths and competences in order to create new behavior. These new patterns of behavior will promote attitude changes that will be better adapted to the goals and values of the company, increasing both the individual and the overall company’s performance.

In this project we primarily make the Diagnosis, which is supported by behavioral evaluation and competences questionnaires to map the gaps or areas that need more attention/development, based on a pre-established list of Behavioral and Management Competencies. After that, we create a plan of action for the leaders designated for the project, with our recommendations of points to be developed.

Samples of possible “gaps” to be addressed: in reference to leadership, it is necessary to motivate people. As for communication, listen to others. With regards to groups, be able to engage others.

Climate Research

Climate Research, also known as Internal Satisfaction Research measures the internal company’s environment in its several aspects, such as physical and psychological environment, communication, interpersonal relationships, decision making, compensation and benefits, collaborators development, client service and quality. It also allows the identification of leadership deficiencies. Like the project of Leadership Development but with a smaller and more specific dimension, this work effort aims at the elaboration of an Action Plan and of Focus Groups that will be constituted to treat each on of the problematic aspects detected in the Research.

It is also the responsibility of each manager the conduction of the Action Plan improvement in his own field, making assessments with the help of the indicators of performance established in it in accordance with the higher goals of the company.

In reality, the Climate Research works as a thermometer that measures the temperature, the company’s internal climate the level of satisfaction of people in relation to the company where they work. The Research results must then evaluate how well the company is able to attain its goals and objectives at the same time it motivates and keeps its employees happy.

People nowadays are more attracted to companies that can offer its employees a high level of satisfaction, an excellent work environment and quality of life, which also represent more productivity and results to its shareholders. The unit of measure ranges from environment and safety conditions to motivational factors such as career development possibilities, professional recognition, salary and a healthy relationship with superiors, among many others.

Feedback / 360° Evaluation

The 360o Feedback, also known as 360o Evaluation or Competences Evaluation, is indicated to people who occupy leadership positions.

It is recommended to companies that wish to periodically measure the potential and performance of its group of leaders and managers through the assessment of the perception of its professional circle, including that of directors, colleagues and subordinates. This tool helps minimize possible distortions of personal perception that come from the sole application of self-evaluation tools. The goal of the application of the Feedback 360o questionnaire is based on a relation of pre-established competences of the company to evaluate leaders/managers. Based on the results obtained, the tool identifies strengths and areas that need improvement that will serve as the basis for the creation of an individual Plan of Action.

At the end of the evaluation process we define together with the managers and leaders evaluated a plan of action, identifying the main competences and behavior. They will need to be addressed in a specific period that could vary from six months to a year, depending on the company. During this period, the implementation of the actions of improvement of the Plan could prescribe activities such as Coaching and/or Training.