Coaching is a structured process of both group and individual support conducted by a Coach directed to the client or to groups (Coachee), in order to maximize positive results, minimizing weaknesses and/or removing obstacles that hinder growth and making everyone’s inward potential blossom. The coaching process aims at the practical application of concepts, techniques, methodologies and tools in order to help Coachees increment their personal performance, particularly at critical moments or when there is a need for change.

The work at companies usually focuses on directors, managers and leaders in general, but could easily be adapted to any individual, since it promotes personal and professional development geared to improve abilities in order to allow working with different managing styles. It could last anywhere from 6 to 12 sessions, depending on the program’s goal. It is a process of development that demands an initial diagnosis aimed at identifying the main areas to be developed and mapping possible gaps that will guide the client’s Coaching Action Plan.

For the individual, the Coaching process can assist the professional while in activity at the organization, diagnosing, analyzing, planning and implementing improvement actions for one’s own career.

At the company level, Coaching applies to situations such as:

  • New responsibilities;
  • Dealing with especially critical situations;
  • Consolidation of management functions or recuperation of group leadership;
  • Group conflicts;
  • Maximizing development.

At companies, Capella RH works with three Coaching segments:

  • Executive: geared to managers;
  • Leader Coaching: works on developing the role of the coach leader;
  • Team Coaching: geared towards groups formed by several professionals, leaders or managers.

The success of the Coaching process depends on the client’s comprehension, application and sharing of the actions and practices results given by the Coach during the Coaching sessions.

Capella RH offers Coaching to both companies and individuals at a monthly fee.