Our training is customized to our clients needs. The method we develop is based on research and the close study of internationally renowned authors in the fields of Human Resources, Psychology, Behavior, Business Administration, with information translated from English and Spanish. Our training program always utilizes the most current themes of the corporative world and is of strategic importance to the company, since human capital is highly responsible for the implementation and accomplishment of a company’s goals.

In a ever more competitive and accelerated world, training has become a sort of art, since it requires an interruption of the work routine of those who undergo training. That is why Capella RH proposes an interactive training method, which is dynamic, participative and with existential experience in order to trigger a deeper involvement.

We utilize modern Andragogy techniques developed and applied to groups of people. Our Traning can be open or closed (in company), experience-based (outdoor training), in Leadership, Competence Management, Group Work, People’s Management, Emotional Intelligence and Negotiation Techniques modalities, among others.

Closed Training or In Company

It takes place in the client company’s¬ own environment. It is directed toward those who are interested in the development of their individual competence. Therefore, training assumes a strategic importance to the company, since the human capital is greatly responsible for the implementation and accomplishment of a company’s goal.

The goal is to develop programs of adaptable format and content geared to the needs of each company and focus on the qualification and improvement of the professional involved.

Open Training

It takes place in the Capella RH premises at specific rooms. Groups are composed of people from different companies, of different hierarchies, leaders and managers only, HR professionals or even exclusively of specialists.

Outdoor Training

It is an experience-based training conducted outside the workplace and outdoors that prioritizes the contact with nature and includes activities such as tree climbing, rafting and zip-line. It is developed based on a particular group’s main needs and could vary among leadership, group work or any particular kind of competence that might be presented by our clients.

The final outdoor training feedback normally takes place in the classroom with the assessment of results and group performance, group discussions, experience evaluation and accomplished results. Since it is an intense learning experience, it ends up being a life experience that becomes easily applicable to the individual’s professional routine.